Amber Heard/Johnny Depp UPDATE – Friend insinuates that Heard FAKED bloody nose

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Things have certainly turned a bit of a corner in the court case between Depp and Heard. Initially we saw Depp getting dropped from numerous movie projects over allegations of domestic abuse. Now, it turns out that his estranged wife Heard may be the abuser.

Now, there has been a recent update to the whole case. Josh Richman, a longtime friend of Depp’s, claims that Heard faked her signs of violence with red nail polish. Lending further credibility to the claims that Heard is to blame.

Richman has been a friend of Depp’s for more than 30 years, having known the actor from his earliest days of fame. He recounted how, himself included, friends were disapproving of Depp’s decision to marry Heard.

“We, and certainly I knew from Johnny that prior to the wedding that on a night they had an argument, Johnny recounted to me, Amber went into the bathroom, and came out with a Kleenex with red on it, saying he had given her a bloody nose. But after the incident, he retrieved the Kleenex, which he says he still has to this day. Amber had placed red nail polish on the Kleenex.”

Can this hold up in court?

You might be wondering how this would ever hold up in a court of law. Truth is, it really won’t. It is classified as heresay which is not able to be upheld, but it can be used as a further character witness. Which makes this further update by Richman even more damning:

“The general view of his friends, which I shared although we hardly knew the full details then, were that Amber Heard emotionally abused and tormented Johnny, cut him away from his real friends, and was emotionally cruel to him. He always seemed to live in fear of how she would act if he ever tried to break up with her. His family, friends, and I always felt he succumbed to Amber’s demand that he marry her for this reason among others like it.”

If we’re basing suspicions off of tabloids and official updates from the court proceedings, then there is some relevance to these claims. There is really no way of saying for sure what the accuracy of these claims are. While the suspicions and evidence continue to mount in favor of Depp, we weren’t there, we don’t know.

Hopefully, whoever the guilty party is, sees justice done unto them. Domestic abuse is no laughing matter, regardless of who the abuser is on either side.


Let us know what you think of the latest update from Depp and Heard. Follow us here at Scoophash for more celebrity news and updates!

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