Joe Biden Selects Former Rival Kamala Harris as Running Mate

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Former Rivals, Current Friends

In the 2020 Presidential Election, Joe Biden has made a surprising choice in terms of his running mate. Just earlier today, during a text message to his supporters, Joe Biden announced the selection.

“Joe Biden here. Big news: I’ve chosen Kamala Harris as my running mate. Together, with you, we’re going to beat Trump.”

The former California Senator was a one time rival of Joe Biden leading into the 2020 Election race. She was vocal on similar issues as Biden during her campaign run. Harris and Biden will be making their first public appearance as running mates at an event in Wilmington, Delaware.

Kamala Harris is also a historic choice for the selection of running mate. Making her the first Black American woman to be selected as a majority vice presidential candidate. Marking a historic footnote in American History, regardless of whether they win the race or not.

Not a Smooth Road to Get Here

However, there are also a lot of questions around his selection of Harris. During the early months of the campaign, Harris was extremely antagonistic towards Joe Biden. Frequently catching him off guard with questions about Civil Rights and his own records. Matter of fact, Harris has long been considered as Joe Biden’s biggest obstacle to overcome.

At least in terms of making him look bad in public forums, if only by the nature of her questions.

But that is also what one would expect from a former Attorney General. Not only did Kamala Harris serve as Attorney General, but also as District Attorney for the city of San Francisco. Her time as the DA also led to a lot of difficulties for Harris when she was running for President earlier this year.

Due to her stance on certain issues and her legal history as an Attorney, many critics accused her of not being nearly as progressive as she claimed. Calling it a farce and accusing her of just trying to score brownie points.

Despite those claims, Harris was vocal about the issues facing the justice system in the wake of the George Floyd/Breonna Taylor protests. Vocally supporting a need for systemic changes and calling for stronger reactions. Whether or not that was where the validity of her campaign came into question, is up to you to decide.

As the ever looming presidential election comes closer and closer, many are holding their breath to see what happens. It has not been an easy road for any one party. Several Conservatives and Republicans are jumping ship over Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus. Several others are just staying silent, and there’s been nothing but issues surrounding the voting process itself.


For more updates, news and articles on Joe Biden and the Presidential Election, stay tuned here at Scoophash!

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