Zack Snyder Also Loved ‘The Batman’ Trailer

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We All Loved That Trailer

Fans and nerds around the world flocked to YouTube to view the first ever teaser trailer for the upcoming film, The Batman. Not only us here at Scoophash, but fans around the world have made their voices heard: We absolutely love the trailer.

Reminding many of us of Joker and older crime thrillers like Zodiac, Chinatown and Taxi Driver. Which, according to director Matt Reeves, is a lot of the inspiration behind The Batman. Wanting it to be much more psychological and grounded compared to the previous outings of the Caped Crusader. Not to say there hasn’t been grounded takes on the character, just look at The Dark Knight.

But, of course, Matt Reeves has a very different style compared to Christopher Nolan. He’s also working with a lot more updated technology and able to shoot scenes that Nolan just wasn’t able to with his technology in 2008. Fortunately for fans, that means that The Batman will be much different from the rest of the Batman movies.

we could be looking at the first R-rated Batman movie

Turns out, we’re not the only massive fans of the trailer for The Batman. Director and fan favorite social media guy, Zack Snyder, also gave his two cents on the first trailer for The Batman. Sharing the sentiment with fans and speculation that we could be looking at the first R-rated Batman movie. Considering the much darker subject matter, the intense violence already on display and a small under the radar cast. It would track that Matt Reeves is trying to push things that direction.

“I dunno what the rating is going to be but I felt the same way [about Batman beating that guy]. I was like what the…I actually just texted Matt after and I was like, ‘What the f**k! This is cool!… I loved it. I thought it was so cool. I thought it was like the right direction and everything about it. As far as just a fan of a movie, it’s the kind of movie I want to see, so I felt like [two thumbs up].

Definitely makes sense that Zack Snyder is on the same side as a lot of fans for this theory. Considering how Snyder’s version of Batman, played by Ben Affleck, was much more violent and brutal than past iterations. In Snyder’s DC movies, Batman is a full on brawler who breaks bones, sinew and more with impunity.

Not only that, but Snyder also gave fans one of the most violent and brutal superhero movies of all time; Watchmen. A hard R-rated film about a world where Superheroes are a bygone era. Snyder’s tone throughout his movies is also just very bleak, violent and emotional. Including his re-edited and remade version of Justice League, which we got a look at during FanDome as well!

Joker proved the R-rated comic book movies are here to stay

Personally, we’d love for The Batman to be rated R. We absolutely loved Joker, Deadpool, Logan and Batman V Superman: Ultimate Cut.  There is absolutely a growing market for R-rated superhero movies and Joker proved that people will see it multiple times if it’s well made.

Joker wasn’t even a film for everyone. It was extremely artsy, brooding, psychological and hard to stomach. Most people didn’t let their kids see it or even see it themselves, but those who did, loved it. Seeing it multiple times in its theatrical release, which ended up earning over one billion dollars during it’s theatrical run.

Not only did that make it the highest grossing R-rated superhero movie, but the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time and the most profitable film ever made. On a budget of barely $30 million, Joker proved the R-rated comic book movies are here to stay, and we hope that The Batman follows suit!


For more news, videos and articles on The Batman, stay tuned here at Scoophash!

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