10 BEST DOCUMENTARIES TO FEEL BETTER - These docs will keep your spirits up!

10 BEST DOCUMENTARIES TO FEEL BETTER – These docs will keep your spirits up!

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There is certainly no shortage of documentaries on services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. While you may be tired of getting recommended pandemic and illness related documentaries, there are some feel good ones to watch. So we compiled some great documentaries to make you feel good and escape for a little bit!

Woodstock: Three days that Defined a Generation (Netflix)

During a time of turmoil and political indifference (sounds a little similar) a three day concert was held. More of a three day party that led to thousands of moments, iconic photographs and record breaking attendance.

Woodstock was a time of forgetting that the world outside the party existed and to just live in the moment. 

Free Solo (Hulu)

Climber Alex Hannold is a daredevil and an adventure seeker at heart. He wants to be the first person to scale the El Capitan cliff face in Yosemite Park. However, he wants to do it without the aid of a rope.

This documentary has some absolutely jaw dropping cinematography, nail biting intensity and triumph. The sheer will of Hannold’s spirit and intensity to be the first will make you equally nauseous at the heights and cheer out loud!

Coming to my Senses (Amazon Prime)

All about a man who was told that he had a one in a million chance to eat properly again after breaking his neck. The story of Aaron Baker is one for the ages as he struggles to build himself back up and become whole again.

As he finds himself regaining mobility, he sets out to travel along the Valley of Death by himself with no support. It is a truly astonishing tale of perseverance and a steadfast spirit that we could all use right now.

Cheer (Netflix)

While none of us here have been on a cheer squad (I think… Actually I’m not positive about that) this is such an infectious film.

The sheer amount of energy, happiness and steadfastness in this documentary will make you cheer! It tells the story of the Navarro College Competitive Cheer Team as they try to maintain their relevancy and find new ways to compete.

While it may be a little more feel good and not quite as interesting, it is still a great watch!

Miss Americana (Netflix)

Whatever your feelings on Taylor Swift, this is one of the best insider documentaries on celebrity culture in a long time. Focusing on Swift’s rise to popularity and all that it comes with, Miss Americana is an engrossing watch.

Besides, if you find yourself in the need of a good music number and good visuals, this documentary has both. 

Definitely a great film to just kick back and relax with.

Fyre Fraud (Hulu)

Odds are you will fall into one of two camps on the infamous Fyre Festival. One, you have no clue what I’m talking about. Two, you’ve seen Internet Historian’s hilarious video on it.

Whatever the case may be with your familiarity of the event, Fyre Festival was a hilarious crash and burn. Featuring one of the greatest scam backfires of all time with Billy McFarland.

Seriously, this documentary is equally darkly hilarious and insanely entertaining as a social viewing glass.

Oceans (Netflix)

Do you love nature? Do you love amazing views, sea life and an inside look on the essentials of Planet Earth? Well then you will love Oceans.

Taking a look at one of our most vital parts to staying alive, Oceans tells the story of our planets bodies of water. And how they influence and change our everyday life for better or for worse depending on how we treat them!

Bill Cunningham New York (Amazon)

One of the greatest photographers to ever live comes alive in this timely tale of seeing people from different views. 

Cunningham was a genius at angles and emotional storytelling through his Anthropological photography. Showcasing different levels of life and how it is lived just through the viewfinder of his camera.

Obviously this film has no shortages of amazing shots in it, but it is also just a great tale of accepting and love.

The Pixar Story (Netflix)

Forever changing the face of animated films throughout the world and the industry. The Pixar Story tells the life changing of the designers and artists who made this dream come true through determination!

Throughout their storied career we’ve seen Pixar win no shortage of accolades and fan receipts. And this documentary helps one to understand just why they deserve it so much!

Light in the Water (Hulu)

Focusing on the first openly gay Swim Masters club and the men who helped make it a success. 

Where Light in the Water succeeds where so many other social commentary documentaries end is in its execution. These were people, true to life and talented people that succeeding because they were good at what they did.

The documentary does not focus on their sexuality, instead it focuses on their talent and their trails.

They’ll Love Me when I’m Dead (Netflix)

Sounds pretty somber right? Well not really. The documentary about Orson Welles is something else to behold. 

An absolute titan of cinema and one of the greatest filmmakers in history, however there was one film that never made it. The Other Side of the Wind was lost to annals of history for years, and this documentary is a stunning inside look.

Poetically beautiful, hauntingly real and engrossing. Orson Welles has left a legacy to be admired and studied.

There ya go guys! Some of the best documentaries to take your mind off of things that are happening in the world. With a lot of us being unable to go anywhere or even work, and with Cinemark and Regal closing down temporarily. These documentaries focus on things that a lot of us may only know from short headlines or from pop culture.

Whether you know a lot about these topics or not, these are some stunning inside looks at footnotes of history. Some are hilarious, some are interesting and some will really make you reevaluate your priorities.