Senator Rand Paul Receives Death Threats During Protest

Issues on Both Sides

After the RNC ended earlier this week, there has never been a stronger outcry from protestors and rallies across the nation. Demanding reforms and stronger responses to the ongoing issues of police violence and racial injustices. However, one particular encounter almost turned deadly during it’s confrontation when Senator Rand Paul encountered angry protestors in Washington DC.

While Rand Paul was leaving a building and walking, several angry protestors surrounded the former presidential candidate, and things looked like they might take a turn for the worse. Some of the protestors shouted that they “had Rand Paul trapped” which seemed to lead to potentially violent surge towards the senator. The senator was also walking with his wife and two police officers, who were unharmed in the incident as well.

This action has led to a fair amount of scrutiny from naysayers of the protests. While Rand Paul has certainly erred on the more conservative side for some of his key issues, he’s been very supportive of the BLM movement and the protests. Matter of fact, Rand Paul is the senator who pushed through the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act which would ban no-knock raids by police. Paul has also been very vocal about supporting the reform of the Justice System and improving the infrastructure of the police force to try and reform the racial issues.

When allies are no longer safe, it’s hard to really side with the protestors

You might see the issue that some people are taking with this news. If someone is falling prey to physical and verbal attacks despite supporting the movement and trying to do the right thing, then what’s the point? It wasn’t like this was some random guy that particularly angry people just happened to get their hands on, they actively and vocally admit to knowing that it’s senator Rand Paul in the video. Acknowledging that they are very aware of what is happening and who they have in front of them. Then hearing those same people start calling for Rand Paul’s death and shouting insults and threats at him, his wife and their escorts/security, it’s a pretty big issue.

Doesn’t help anyone’s case that these protestors have even be reminded by prominnet leaders in the African American community to remember to protest with their votes and stop just shouting at people. If you want something done in the Justice System and for changes to happen, you have to do what counts while protesting, otherwise you’re no different than someone complaining on Twitter.

Look, you can disagree with Rand Paul all you want, there’s nothing wrong with disliking a politician and taking sides. That’s what this country is founded on after all. Another thing entirely, is threatening them with death, conspiring to commit physical and unmitigated violence towards someone and that someone happens to be an ally. When allies are no longer safe, it’s hard to really side with the protestors on this particular case. Here’s hoping it’s not something that repeatedly happens over these next few months as we near the election of 2020.


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