Jason Momoa Backs up Ray Fisher in Investigation Claims

The King Has Spoken

Another member of the Justice League has stood up against Joss Whedon alongside Ray Fisher. Khal Drog- Er, I mean Aquaman has stood up in defense of his co-star. That’s right, Jason Momoa himself has had some choice words to throw in alongside Ray Fisher.

After Ray Fisher started a storm on social media by accusing Joss Whedon of abusive workplace practices, fans have been on a roller coaster. Fisher has been pretty vocal about his intentions against Joss Whedon. Unfortunately, he has failed to supply any heavy amount of detailed information. Leading to a split down the community as to whether or not Ray Fisher is telling the truth about Whedon.

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Ultimately it did lead to official action on the part of Warner Media, who determined it prudent to launch an internal investigation. Sadly, that particular investigation has gotten seemingly nowhere, as both parties have cast doubt on the validity of the proceedings. On part of Ray Fisher, he was not comfortable with the investigator and was legally advised to stay away from talking with him/her. Of course, that also looks pretty bad when you don’t share that information and speculation is given free reign to run wild.

On part of Warner Media, they came forward and denounced Ray Fisher’s claims. Saying that the investigation found no instances of abuse and that Fisher failed to speak with the investigator. So, on one hand we have an unreliable narrator, and on the other hand we have a dishonest parental entity.

Jason Momoa has definitely been a very vocal advocate

Jason Momoa now seems eager to try and assist in clearing up some of the confusion around the investigation. While he hasn’t given any long winded or detailed statements, he’s officially thrown his support behind Ray Fisher on social media.

To be fair though, Jason Momoa has definitely been a very vocal advocate of causes he believes to be justified. Solidifying his platform as a very charismatic and outspoken member of Hollywood, especially following his success in Aquaman. Now, does this mean that Jason Momoa will be embroiled in the investigation? Honestly, at this point it can be pretty hard to say.

While Ray Fisher has been vocal about the difficulties of speaking out due to his NDA, logic would follow that Momoa is in a similar boat. Perhaps the more that support comes forward, the more lenient WB will be with the actors.


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