Things have taken another turn as Ray Fisher clarifies his statement from before.

Ray Fisher Fires Back at Warner Bros, Claims They Lied

A Glitch in the Matrix

So it now seems that Ray Fisher has spoken up about what Warner Bros has revealed about the investigation. If anyone expected him to stay quiet and just fade into the background, it seems that will not be the case. If anything, it looks like it’s just starting to heat back up.

Earlier last week, Warner Bros admonished and clapped back at Ray Fisher over his allegations against Joss Whedon. Saying that Ray Fisher failed to follow up with their investigator, lending some doubt to his claims. They went even further by saying that due to his no show, they have no reason to suspect anything else from the production.

Honestly, most people just kinda assumed that was that. WB spoke and everyone listened, opting to believe that Ray Fisher was another flash in the pan, and that we won’t be seeing much more of him going forward.

Some Misinformation or Lying

Well, hold your horses, because Ray Fisher is willing to back up some pretty stern words directed towards Warner Bros. In a post on Twitter, he shared screenshots and details about the statement from WB that failed to even out with the experience that he had.

As you can see, according to Fisher anyway, he emailed his own legal team for advice after feeling uncomfortable with WB changing the rules on the fly. Which is something that we postulated after WB said it was to be an internal investigation, something didn’t seem normal to us.

So what exactly is happening? Seems like a lot of misinformation is being thrown around and postulated as accurate, without anyone really having a direct confirmation as to what really happened behind the scenes.

More Complicated Future Ahead

There’s also the small problem of Ray Fisher still being under his NDA with WB for his role as Cyborg. From what we understand, that’s why the investigation was supposed to be overseen by a third party, in order to circumvent that NDA. Allowing Ray Fisher to be far more honest and open about what exactly happened behind the scenes.

Besides, Ray Fisher is supposed to return as Cyborg for a future origin film as well as a cameo in The Flash. So what exactly is supposed to happen from this update? Truth be told, we’re just as confused about it as you are. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see exactly what happens with Ray Fisher and WB.


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