10 BEST MYSTERIES - Go down the Rabbit Hole

10 BEST MYSTERIES – Go down the Rabbit Hole

The world is a mysterious place by nature, and it is home to the most mysterious race ever, humans. One thing that Humans are constantly fascinated by is things that remain a mystery to us.

Whether it’s a disappearance, a mysterious body or rumors of a lost civilization. Here are 10 of the best such mysteries to research and lose yourself to.

Taman Shud Case 


Talk about a rabbit hole of intrigue and strange. 

In 1948, the body of a man was discovered on a beach in Adelaide South Australia. With no identification, no prints, missing labels on his clothes and for all intents he seemed to be unable to be identified.

Following the discovery, the case quickly turned from accident to suicide to potential government agent cover up. With clues leading all over the world, even to an incredibly obscure book and ultimately leading a conclusion to nothing.

While theories exist, the case is ultimately unsolved.

Kenny Veach


Either you already know what happened to Kenny Veach, or you have never heard of it. A self taught entrepreneur and experienced outdoors hiker, Kenny Veach was no slacker. 

One day, while hiking in the Nevada desert, he claimed to have come across a mysterious cave shaped like an ‘M’. Upon moving towards the cave he described his whole body feeling like it was vibrating and ultimately he never went inside.

Fast forward a few days later, Veach decides to head back out to find the cave only to vanish without a trace. Despite searches, investigations and even his girlfriend coming forward, nothing was discovered. Kenny Veach has long since been presumed dead, with many believing he was the victim of an accident or suicide. 

The Valentich Disappearance


Depending on who you ask, this case is either extremely bizzare or already solved.

A pilot flying near the Bass Strait in Australia reported a strange craft or object flying right above him. As the encounter progressed his log was recorded as he became increasingly frantic and disoriented.

Despite being an experienced pilot, and despite being well able to stay calm, Valentich’s story ends abruptly. The sound of screeching metal and a panicking Valentich are all that remained at the end.

From that last sentence you may think that it sounds like Valentich collided with something or lost his bearings. However, no wreckage or body was ever found.

The Tunguska Event


When a massive explosion goes off in the middle of nowhere in Russia, there are only so many things that it could be. And yet, after that exact thing happened in Tunguska Russia, the force is still unexplained.

In the middle of the night, residents were awakened by a massive boom, rumbling and seismic waves. An explosion that flattened trees in an area of 830 sq miles (or 2150 sq km), vaporized wildlife and possibly killed 3 people.

Reports point to the theory that a meteoroid that disintegrated in mid-air was the culprit. Even though scientists have classified it as an ‘Impact Event’ absolutely nothing was found indicating an impact. 

The Tunguska Event is both a terrifying realization of nature and a complete mystery as to what the hell happened in remote Siberia.

What is in Lake Baikal


Underwater base, a pit to the center of the earth or a breeding ground for monsters? Well, we have legitimately no idea.

Lake Baikal in Southern Siberia is one of the worlds most enigmatic bodies of water. Boasting the deepest depths of any lake in the world it holds 5,670 cubic miles of water. Meaning it holds more water than the Great Lakes COMBINED.

Numerous strange sightings have happened at Lake Baikal. In April 2009 NASA found strange circles appearing in the ice that was never explained. 

Besides being virtually unexplored, Lake Baikal is nearly a mile deep (just think of how long a mile actually is). And being over 20 million years old, it is also the oldest lake in the world. 

Someday we may discovere what secrets the lake holds, but until then, we just have to speculate. 

Mars Curiosity Rover


You may already know about this particular theory. It goes like this; the Mars Curiosity Rover took several pictures of the surface of Mars, and several of the pictures seem to display some weird things.

From supposed statues to alleged insects on the surface of Mars. Curiosity was a massive achievement for Space exploration and also a huge change for new conspiracy theories.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether or not you believe the explanations by NASA or not.

The Cando Event

Apparently no one has made a video on the Cando Event… Yet.

Here’s one that many of you may have never heard of. Described as Spain’s Tunguska Event, Cando Event was a massive fireball that left no impact but went off like a bomb.

Theories range from an impact event meteor to underground gases being ignited but an electrical charge. However, no conclusion was firmly established and thus the theories have never found much ground.

Roswell UFO Incident


To many this is the most definitive proof of a government coverup of extraterrestrial life, to others it was a simple plane crash.

Roswell’s UFO incident has no shortage of documentaries, essays, YouTube videos, found footage, interviews etc. There is such an overabundance of information that it is difficult to even discern what is real and what is made up.

After all, wasn’t that the point of it?

Rendlesham Forest Incident


When the Air Force tests experimental aircraft in a remote forest in Suffolk, England, people are going to notice.

That is exactly what happened in December of 1980. Witnesses claimed seeing craft flying around that bore no resemblance to known aircraft of the time. With many claiming them to be Alien craft, or UFOs. 

Skeptics have since claimed that the incident was explained satisfactorily and the Air Force never investigated the matter. Leading to equal amounts of misinformation and complete speculation.

DIA is hiding an underground base


Living in Colorado I can tell you that there is no shortage of crazy and amazing conspiracy theories to this place. Whether it’s the underground city of Colorado Springs (which some claim you can still get into) or the Cheyenne Mountain Base

However, one of the most popular is that of the Denver International Airport. Having several contracts with numerous corporations and going well over budget, there is a lot of credence. 

Honestly, this topic is so dense with info that I cannot even go into that much in this short article. 

So I hope that gave you something to research! There is such a rabbit hole of information when it comes to these topics that you can easily fill a morning, day and night with them! While some may make you question a lot, others may just keep you up at night staring at the ceiling trying to fit the puzzle together,

Whatever the case may be, be sure to leave us a comment and follow us on Social Media to let us know what you think! And if you just so happen to solve a mystery, be sure to give us credit! 😉