8 Top Technology Trends To Watch In China

8 Top Technology Trends To Watch In China

This is a review of 2019 Technology Trends Report in China from Business Insider Intelligence and EqualOcean. Chinese cutting edge firms have been driving change in development for some advances.

China’s technology and electronics sector have a wide impact on its economy and the rest of the world.

For example, 5G. In the coming years, China’s mobile 5G will be the Number 1 Chinese technology. These advancements are either currently experiencing or going to experience rapid periods of progress.

Business Insider has provided a list of the top 8 Chinese technological areas of advancement.

1) 5G Communication:

2) Quantum computing.

3) Edge computing

4)Flexible display

5)Natural language processing


7)Blockchain technology

8)Immersive technology

Quantum computing, edge computing, and flexible display are on the whole still at an early stage. Before long, however, will start to pull in business and capital.