A Milestone in Mexico as Nonprofit Organization ICON 3D Prints Homes

A milestone in technological usage was reached recently all the way out in rural Tabasco Mexico; the first ever 3D Printed neighborhood.

We’ve seen 3D printers used for a lot of advancements and more affordable things like electronics and even more recently being used for replacement parts in Boeing Airliners.

There is a considerable metric that was reached with the introduction of Tabaso’s newest neighborhood. These houses are not only incredibly cheap to build, but they are not strictly budget houses. They are built to specifications and requests made by the individuals purchasing them. So while they do have a certain threshold of features, they are a remarkable value for the money especially considering the area and the difficulty of living in rural Mexico.

There’s a lot to like about this advancement, a nonprofit helping out families in need and actively working on providing more affordable living areas for the people of the area.

Right now there’s only two completed homes (at the time of writing this article anyways), but the local demand, and the desire from local nonprofits and construction companies hope to see a fully functioning fledgling neighborhood in the next couple of years.

Each home only requires around 24 hours to build, so time will tell if this is a move that keeps up and stands the test of time or whether it will devolve into another failed attempt down the line.

One thing is for sure, in a time of turmoil and political strife, this was a welcome batch of good news about helping those less fortunate and less available to our opportunities.

Source For Updates: https://www.iconbuild.com/updates/first-3d-printed-home-community