Amazon new Prime Air delivery drone to launch soon.

Amazon new Prime Air delivery drone to launch soon

A future delivery system from Amazon is soon to launch! It will be the first Amazon Prime Air delivery drone to safely deliver packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using an unmanned delivery service.

The Federal Aviation Administration recently issued Amazon Prime Air a special certificate to test the company’s latest drones. The new Prime Air drone is capable of flying up to 15 miles and can deliver up to five pounds of packages.

The drone is capable of taking off vertically, like a helicopter and then fly like an airplane. The new model is designed with thermal cameras, depth cameras, and sonar to detect hazards.

Jeff Wilke,  one of Amazon’s executives said that with the help of their world-class fulfillment and delivery network they are expecting to scale Prime Air quickly and efficiently deliver packages via drone within months.

So, the days are not far away when your items will be delivered with the Prime Air drone. Does it sound exciting to you? Lets us know in the comments section below.