Apple may soon launch its largest MacBook Pro

Apple may soon launch its largest MacBook Pro

According to a report from IHS Markit obtained by Forbes, Apple will soon release its new 16-inch screen MacBook Pro, probably in September.

The new 16-inch MacbookPro will be the biggest laptop Apple’s going to launch, which will have an LCD screen with a resolution of 3,072 by 1920 and will be getting an upgraded processor also.

Denoting the first run through in eight years the organization has released a laptop with a screen greater than 15 inches

With the release of MacBookPro having a 16-inch screen, the company could make a distinction between its high-performance laptops from portable MacBook and MacBook Air models.

For all the professionals like photographers, graphics designers, and video-editors, the large screen MacBook will be very beneficial for their work.