Apple Nears The Trillion Dollar Mark Again

Apple Nears The Trillion Dollar Mark Again

Apple is becoming ever closer to turning into a trillion USD company today after third-quarter results were revealed that beat what analysts were expecting.

APPLE shares climbed more than 6 percent on Wednesday, pushing the iPhone maker’s market valuation back towards $1 trillion as its quarterly report and peppy estimates quieted financial specialists worried about slowing growth.

Apple stock has been on a consistent recovery rally in recent months, which looks set to be solidified by a Wall Street vote of confidence in the iPhone maker’s latest earnings.

Since hitting an 18 month low of $142.19 on January 3 directly after Apple issued an explosive sales warning on holiday trading after iPhone sales endured a hit in China.

Apple’s stock charged up to $212 in pre-market trading on Wednesday. The $212 pre-market share price marks a 327 billion dollar rally since January 03 putting Apple’s market cap at 999.7 billion dollars.