Bad Boys for Life Review

Bad Boys for Life Review

A Romp That Is More Fun Than it Has any Right to Be

Bad Boys is a movie that I am extremely surprised took 20 years to get a sequel.

It’s not like the original movie didn’t make money. I mean hell it practically launched Michael Bay’s career outside of Transformers and The Rock. 

Nonetheless, if you want the short version of this review: The movie is a lot of fun and definitely worth a weekend showing to see in theaters. 

The Story Is Predictable Action Movie Nonsense

Bad Boys for life takes place roughly  20 years after the original movie. Bad Boys For Life sees the duo pairing up for one last mission as Will Smith’s character Mike Lowery is targeted by a shadowy group.

Let’s just get this out of the way, it’s Bad Boys. If you’re here for an amazing story and intimate emotional moments then you came to the wrong movie.

This movie’s story is not going to slap you in the face with stupidity but it is typical action movie fare.

And man does it have some fun action set pieces.

The Action Feels At Home in The 21st Century, But It Does Lag Behind the Competition

I will say that ultimately I do feel like most of this movie’s set pieces have been done before. But, Bad Boys just executes them with such a feeling of fun.

The editing is maybe where the action does hit a little more on the annoying side.

In an age of Mission Impossibles and John Wick’s any movie that has a lot of editing in the action scenes will get picked apart.

Bad Boys does thankfully keep the choppy editing to a minimum.

Where Bad Boys really shines, and what you’ve no doubt heard of already is the absolutely great chemistry and charisma of the two leads.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Are An Incredible Duo

These two are so infectiously hilarious together that you almost don’t even want the story to progress. Just so you can listen to them bicker and yell at each other all day. 

And can we just briefly say, thank you for the R-rating on this movie.

Seeing Smith and Lawrence just unabashedly throw harsh language in the middle of petty arguments is just wonderful. PG-13 would have ruined the fun of this movie. 

Bad Boys for Life is not going to blow you away. It doesn’t up the competition in the way that it’s Action movie rivals do.

It does up the ante on action leads banter and chemistry. Come for the return of the Bad Boys and stay for the infectious hilarity of two of the greatest icons in action/comedy history. This movie is one hell of a fun time!

Bad Boys For Life is in theaters now!