"Batman v. Superman" Zack Snyder's Full Director's Commentary is Available Now

“Batman v. Superman” Zack Snyder’s Full Director’s Commentary is Available Now

This past Sunday, Zack Snyder released his first director’s commentary for his divisive Batman v. Superman, and now everyone can get their hands on it for their viewing pleasure!


The film celebrated its fourth anniversary last week, marking four years since Snyder released his second film for the DCEU, and the film that was setting up 2017’s Justice League.

To commemorate the event, and to give fans something after a screening of the film scheduled for March 28th was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns. Snyder hosted the commentary live, but made the entire video available on his Vero page and on YouTube.

Snyder never made a commentary track for the film before this, and for the hardcore fans of the film (yes, we are out there), he didn’t disappoint with what he had to say.

Snyder touched on a lot of different topics, but the ones that really stuck out were touching on the infamous Martha scene, the Flash’s time traveling, and the fact that Harry Lennix’s General Swanwick was actually intended to be Martian Manhunter, something that was meant to pay off in a later film. Snyder also mentioned having a five-film plan in place.


He went on to begin production on Justice League before dropping out after a personal tragedy. The end result of that film strayed from the original vision that Snyder had, and also wasn’t especially well-received.

Rumors about a cut of the film that is truer to Snyder’s vision – referred to as the “Snyder Cut” – has been the subject of many requests and social media posts. Fans, and cast, have all petitioned for the cut of the film to be released.

Snyder’s entire run in the DCEU was rather tumultuous, with many people panning his films. His first foray, 2013’s Man of Steel, was rather well-received, but his later work were criticized rather harshly. Despite that, there have been many fans who have remained stout in their belief that Batman v. Superman was underrated and that what Justice League turned out to be was not his fault, given his leaving the project.


Being some of the very limited fans of these films (even the Justice League we have), we do hope that if Snyder’s version is out there, that it gets the chance to be seen. This commentary track shows that he does care deeply about these characters, and did have a vision he was passionate about.

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