BEST CORONAVIRUS MEMES – Not everything has to be dour and bleak! Laugh with us

You can always rely on two things with the internet, unnecessary conspiracy theories and amazing memes. Thankfully on the latter, there has been no shortage of stellar memes from Twitter, Reddit and Instagram! Here’s some of the best!

You can really never go wrong with Reddit for accuracy and timeliness.

Honestly, these freaking memes are nothing but incredible. Laughter is the best medicine after all, and quite honestly there’s still some better ones below!

While these are only a few memes from around the internet, there is no shortage of new ones! Seriously, just take a quick scroll, and laugh your collective asses off!’

There is seriously no way to sum up just how well laughter will help you! And hopefully these memes helped spice up your day just enough to get through the quarantine!