Bill Gates hopes AI improves medical education

Bill Gates hopes AI improves medical education

Artificial intelligence is an uncommon technology that is capable of both helping us and harming us.

Microsoft CEO and philanthropist Bill Gates have expressed his views about AI in the past and at a recent conference. He admitted that there hasn’t been anything as “promising and powerful” since the likes of nuclear weaponry”, and he believes the technology can be used for good, “by assisting with understanding medicine and education”

At a conference at Stanford Institute for Human-centered artificial intelligence, He claimed that there hasn’t been that many technologies that are “both promising and dangerous.”

Gates had earlier admitted for years to having concerns about Artificial Intelligence. But he has now admitted to it: being “A chance to supercharge the social sciences”.

Artificial intelligence, helped by the new utility of technology considered neural networks that depend freely on the way human brains work, has reformed the technology industry. It’s utilized for everything from facial acknowledgment to scouring spam out of email inboxes. Gates feels it needs something beyond tech mammoths like Amazon, Google, and Facebook to profit, however.

He added that it could also especially improve”education itself.”

In terms of education, he suggested that AI could help people to understand: “Motivation and engagement and teaching styles”, which will lead to “better learning” and “less dropouts”.