Boeing Announces Collab With ‘Kitty Hawk’ Flying Taxi Startup

Boeing Announces Collab With ‘Kitty Hawk’ Flying Taxi Startup

Boeing, an aerospace manufacturing Company declared that they are joining hands with the flying taxi startup Kitty Hawk, to “collaborate on future efforts and to advance safe urban air mobility.”

The strategic partnership details are yet not disclosed by the company but it will bring a new future in aviation technologies.

The declaration of the purported strategic partnership is quite light on details, however, it’s an idealistic sign for individuals who’ve been looking out for modern, consumer-facing aeronautics advancements.

Cora, is an autonomous and completely electric flying taxi that has apparently performed well over the previous year during tests in New Zealand.

According to Gizmodo, Cora flies at a speed of nearly 110 miles per hours at altitude anywhere from 500 to 3,000 feet but as of now is not ready to be in the market.

Vice President and General Manager of Boeing Next, Steve Nordlund said in a statement, “Working with a company like Kitty Hawk brings us closer to our goal of safely advancing the future of mobility.

“We have a shared vision of how people, goods, and ideas will be transported in the future, as well as the safety and regulatory ecosystem that will underpin that transportation.” He added.