California Hit With Biggest Quake In 20-Years

California Hit With Biggest Quake In 20-Years

On Thursday the 4TH of July a magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck Ridgecrest, California resulting in falling electrical power lines, damaging roads and breaking water mains.

In the past 20-years, it was the biggest tectonic movement after a Loma Prieta temblor in 1989. Per the report, there were no major damages observed to people and properties, but it ended a five-year drought in California.

A device called a seismometers which can detect quake’s movement from thousands of miles away has caught a seismic-wave movement of the quake.

USGS Seismologist, Robert Graves, and Dr. Lucy Jones alarmed Californians that they could see either another large quake or some serious aftershocks.

IRIS, a research group that studies seismological events have shared some videos on twitter of M6.4 earthquake waves and said that earthquake was measured across the world, but trembling was felt from Mexico to San Francisco to Las Vegas.