Chevrolet teams with Domino’s for car ordering app

Chevrolet teams with Domino’s for car ordering app

Now Chevrolet drivers can easily order Dominos pizza by tapping their car’s touchscreen and accessing the Domino’s app. Chevrolet has teamed up with Domino’s to have a virtual store in their car touchscreen.

The person driving the car has to set up a pizza profile by filling up some basic information including preferred delivery address and mode of payment. Once the profile is created, motorists can order pizza by a single touch and can get the pizza delivered wherever he or she wants.

Chevrolet clarifies that this feature is particularly for the cars, drivers Smartphone are not attached to it.

The niche marketing idea will bring some crucial changes in the marketing model. At present only two automobile companies, Chevrolet and Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) are attached to the app.

This apparent niche partnership kick-begins a standout amongst the most interesting types of e-commerce businesses in recent memory.

Domino’s is the first pizza food chain to partner with Chevrolet Marketplace, which will showcase innovation in the e-commerce platform.