Critics Reveal Worst Shows Of 2019

Critics Reveal Worst Shows Of 2019

The Emmy Awards nominations were announced on Tuesday that honors the best of America TV.

Business Insider gives you a list of some worst TV shows of 2019, which were categorized as most unlikely by critics and audiences.

Marvel’s show ‘The Punisher’ Season 2 on Netflix has been termed as the most terrible show of 2019. Next on the list is ‘American God’s’ season 2 by Starz.

‘The Widow’ season 1 by Amazon Prime Video, Season 8 of ‘Games of Thrones’ by HBO and ‘Black Monday’ by Showtime we’re chosen as three of the awful shows of 2019.

‘The Enemy Within’ by NBC, a spy show that did not catch the attention in the eyes of the audience, so they rated it low.

‘The Rook’ by Starz was not liked by critics saying that in the age of superheroes, the Rook characters’ collective powers feel a tad underwhelming.

‘L.A. Finset’ by Spectrum originals, could not win the hearts of the audience making it come in with minimum votes.