EA Access PlayStation 4 release date announced

EA Access PlayStation 4 release date announced

Electronic Arts, an American video game company says Access is arriving on PlayStation 4 on July 24 with a similar price tag as on Xbox One, with a fee of $5 a month or $30 yearly.

EA Access on PS4 will allow you to enter the digital library of games which include games like Mass Effect Andromeda, FIFA 19, Battlefield, Madden NFL 19 and many more.

EA Access awards you exclusive early trails that enable you to play numerous EA Games before they release and can save your points for future on the off chance that you purchase the game.

In the interim, you win 10 percent off on all EA PS4 buys, which does exclude just games, however DLC, Season Passes, and all that you can purchase that is EA related.

Games are playable insofar as you’re a member, and each game can be played as much as you need, at whatever point you need. Furthermore, games Are always available (outside of outrageous conditions like a title’s servers being closed down).