Elon Musk Threatens to Move California Factory Among COVID Restrictions

Elon Musk Threatens to Move California Factory Among COVID Restrictions

After trying to jump-start his California factory several times, Elon Musk has now taken to a different plan. Things are continuing to become heated between Musk and the authorities in California.

Upon trying to reopen the factory earlier this week, Musk was issued a cease and desist letter in adherence to COVID measures. Musk, who’s been extremely vocal about his displeasure with the COVID measures, has now escalated things.

When the factory was not permitted to reopen, Tesla has taken to a lawsuit. Suing the local authorities around the Alameda county, Tesla is less than happy with their answer.

Prior to the lawsuit, Tesla had laid the groundwork for employees to return to the factory. Even after outlining work zone parameters, medical screenings etc, Tesla received no confirmation from Alameda. Even after making phone calls and email requests, leaving Tesla no choice but to assume.

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Heat Being Thrown On Both Sides

Health officials of Alameda county did not help matters when they refused to give a comment on the situation. Compounding these problems was when the Governor of California said that manufacturing plants can reopen. Making the issues between the county and Tesla seem somewhat personal.

Tesla does need the factory to reopen. Not only because it guarantees a return to work for employees who have been sitting on the sidelines for months. Also, because Tesla’s production is currently at 0% after the Shanghai plant shut down for repairs.

Elon Musk has been extremely vocal on both earning calls and Social Media for how he feels about it all. And with protests ramping up across the US, tensions are certainly at their breaking point right now.


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