Facebook co-founder says ‘Domination’ was Zuckerberg’s Master Plan

Facebook co-founder says ‘Domination’ was Zuckerberg’s Master Plan

One of the Facebook co-founders Chris Hughes is taking direct aim at Mark Zuckerberg. He says that Mark Zuckerberg has always thought about Facebook as domination.

Hughes urged the US government to break apart Facebook in an op-ed published in the New York Times on Thursday. He said that Mark always uses the word domination to describe company ambitions, with no hint of irony or humility.

In his op-ed, he added that this quest for success has driven Facebook to staggering influence over the spread of information, users’ personal data and the way that people talk to each other.

He calls for the breakup of Facebook and increased oversight of the company and its CEO. He wrote in the Times that he felt a sense of anger and responsibility to bring awareness to what he sees as the social media giant’s monopolistic tendencies.

Chris slammed the CEO for prioritizing growth and revenue over concerns about user privacy and democratic influence