Facebook Strikes Back At Apple

Facebook Strikes Back At Apple

Facebook and Apple’s cold war resumed again on this Monday. The Catastrophic Cambridge Analytica data breach became global news in March 2018, after that both companies are in a dispute over privacy and their different business strategies.

Nick Clegg, Facebook’s head of worldwide affairs and a top lieutenant to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, proposed that the organization isn’t an “exclusive club” like Apple.

Clegg said that Facebook is free for everyone whereas some other big tech giants make money by selling expensive hardware or subscription services to consumers in developed, wealthier economies.

He explains that Facebook is far away from VIP access or business class, their services are available to each and every person, without any work or place partisanship. Facebook is used by more than 2 billion people because they can.

Clegg was demonstrating the main purpose of the company as a power to connect people with the world at a time when it is confronting exceptional regulatory scrutiny.