Free Music Streaming Is Coming From Google and Amazon

Free Music Streaming Is Coming From Google and Amazon

Good news for Music lovers!! Google and Amazon are introducing free music.

For Amazon Music Unlimited, a free version of the service is all set to launch initially in America. It can be used on the Echo smart speakers, which means songs can be voice activated. Google’s free service will be provided through YouTube Music. Instead of just the U.S., it will premiere in over a dozen countries.

Spotify is now under pressure because of this move by Amazon and Google. Previously Pandora and Spotify were the only major streamer that offered music without any charge.

Spotify’s library consists of 35 million songs, whereas Amazon has a larger one of 40 million. However, Spotify still has approximately five times as many subscribers as Amazon. They are the industry heavyweight with 26 million subs.

The industry consensus is that Spotify’s audience probably won’t contract.

“It will probably have little impact on more established players. However, it may bite into Spotify advertising, if not its audience.” – MusicWatch, via ‘Variety’