Google Shuts Down Social Network Google+

Google Shuts Down Social Network Google+

Google stated that it would shut down the network last October when a data leak exposed the personal information of nearly 500,000 users.

It admitted in 2018 that it had a bug in its software meaning private information of members had been accessible by third-party developers. All of a sudden Google was happy to admit that very few people genuinely used the platform. An additional leak caused over 50 million accounts to be affected. Within a few months, all content on the application will cease to exist.

“On April 2nd your Google+ account and any Google + pages you created will be shut down and we will begin deleting content from consumer google + accounts.” – Google via Statement.

Google+ originally premiered in 2011 and was started to be a strong competitor to other social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Even though its account base was sizable usage of Google+ failed to gain traction.

There will be no effect on other features like Gmail and Google drive by google plus closing up shop. Google+ has now been commemorated on both the Google Graveyard and the Google Cemetery websites, that maintains a record of the failed projects of the search giant.