Gronk Taking His Antics to WWE

Gronk Taking His Antics to WWE

Yes, you read that headline correclty: Rob Gronkowski is joining WWE on March 20th.

The former NFL tight end is set to appear at Wrestlamania 36 in Flordia, but reports say he won’t participate in the event. Instead, his appearance will build hype towards a matchup that will take place sometime in the future. Wrestlemania is scheduled for April 5th.

Gronkowski played in the NFL for nine seasons, all of which were with the New England Patriots. He made a name for himself by being one of, if not the, most talented tight ends in the league. His size, athleticism, and exceptional blocking skills made him a threat that was difficult for any team to cover. He earned three Super Bowl wins with the Patriots, and retired this past year. During the 2019 NFL season, he served as a Sunday analyst on FOX. He is reportedly going to continue being an analyst even as his professional wrestling career starts.

There have been rumors of Gronk joining the world WWE after after Ryan Satin, a professional wrestling journalist, said that Gronk was close to finalizing a deal with the league on Tuesday night’s episode of WWE Backstage.

The WWE is hoping that Gronk’s famous antics and popularity in the NFL will carry over to wrestling and generate more revenue. Gronk was famous for being enthusiastic, to say the least. We are sure his time in the WWE is going to be incredibly entertaining, if nothing else.