HEALTH PROFESSIONALS NEED MORE – Kerby Jean-Raymond gives an insight

While health professionals are the unsung heroes of all that is going on in the world right now, some are woefully underutilized. From several issues with equipment, to numerous struggles with staffing.

Health centers and employees around the world are finding themselves without the tools they need to be effective. Despite billions of dollars being thrown out by the President for medical research and supplies, some are being ignored.

Kerby Jean-Raymond, an icon of Fashion worldwide, also gave a little bit of insight as to what conditions are like. Numerous nurses and staffers known personally by the fashion icon are confused. They need help and do not have a sure direction.

Several health organizations around the US are finding themselves in hot water. COVID-19 has become a national emergency and because of our health care industry, many people cannot afford testing. Several others cannot afford treatment and taking that much time away from work.

Looking at people like Jean-Raymond’s friends and family, as well as the locales around us, things need to change. COVID-19 may be the face of a new healthcare system while this one struggles to stand up under the weight. 

Combine this with staff being overwhelmed in certain cities, it makes things all the more difficult to figure out. Luckily, headway has been made throughout the world in effort to combat COVID-19. And the virus is expected to fizzle out sometime in early Summer or late Springs.

We’ll just have to keep our eye to the ground and hope that things continue at a good pace. When all of this is over, thank your local healthcare teams, they put up with a lot.