How To Test Your Emotional Intelligence

How To Test Your Emotional Intelligence

According to the World’s Economic Forum’s ‘The Future of Jobs report 2018’, emotional intelligence is presently a top 10 required work skill that most employers desire globally.

Emotional Intelligence has become important in today’s professional world. Business Insider presents a list of 10 in-demand work skills.

A study found that more than 50% of “frontline leaders” have gaps in their communication abilities.

There are different ways to test your emotional intelligence. Here we have discussed some of them.

If you have the ability to comprehend or feel what someone else is going through internally or emotionally indicates that you’re an empathetic person filled with emotional intelligence.

Being Self-aware and staying focused are part of emotional intelligence and indicates you are ready to accept honest feedback.

You should have the curiosity to learn, grow, improve and give your best.

To trust the people around you and being positive in any kind of situation are signs of an emotionally intelligent person. You understand how to keep yourself focused even in adverse situations.

You have a belief that people and things in your life are there for a reason that everything will at last work out for good.

When you are confident and committed to your work no one can defeat you. People who forgive and forget are always good at their work.