Instagram Soon to Hide Like Counts

Instagram Soon to Hide Like Counts

Most people today are obsessed with Instagram likes. You might be one of them.

According to Allure, Instagram will soon hide the features of the like count.

The latest design prototype of Instagram was leaked over the weekend, which shows that like counts would not be visible to viewers in the new updated version.

A reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong has seen changes in the source code of the Instagram Android app.

The new design will not show the total number of likes to others but it will be visible to account owner.
By hiding like counts, Instagram wants followers to focus on what is shared via post, not on the number of likes on the post.

Only the person you shared a post with will be able to see the total number of likes.

The news may appear good for people for whom the number doesn’t matter. Most of them will not be happy with the news through as Instagram people make money on the basis of the number of likes counted and followers.

Let’s see if this step will result in the loss of Instagram users or the new version will get ‘likes’!