Is California At Risk Of More Earthquakes?

Is California At Risk Of More Earthquakes?

After two terrible earthquakes, Southern Californians are becoming restless as several aftershocks have shaken the state. CNN reports that the risk of earthquakes is not yet over as there are still chances of more quakes to come.

Caltech seismologist, Lucy Jones said on Friday, that last two earthquakes were part of an ongoing, “very energetic system.” On Saturday morning, the possibilities of another quake with a minimum of magnitude 3 intensity was more than 99%.

USGS said that there are 3% possibilities of a more powerful quake with a magnitude 7.

“It is most likely that as few as 240 or as many as 410 such earthquakes may occur in the case that the sequence is reinvigorated by a larger aftershock,” the USGS said.

Since July 4, there have been more than 4,700 quakes occurred in every 30 seconds every minute.

An emergency has been declared in the region by President Donald Trump.