Julia Fox and Her Jeggings-Cum-Shoes

Julia Fox and Her Jeggings-Cum-Shoes

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Today we bring you the stunning combo of jeggings and shoes that Julia Fox flaunted, proving that the return of low-rise jeans is anything but a micro trend. Julia has been roaming around in extremely low-rise garments for quite some time now, a pick from the fashion archives, with her new look making eyes pop this weekend around Los Angeles.

You might have read many fashion style reviews, but this look that Julia Fox pulled off extremely beautifully is something! Fox had donned a black acid-washed low-rise jegging that extended into boots. She paired the shoe-jeggings with a bomber jacket and a matching bra. Complimenting her look were the black leather gloves and a bag that gave a perfect finish to her unique appearance. Although it is hard to know whether the shoes were built-in or whether the jeggings were covering shoes that matched it, Fox has given ideas to fashionholics!

The jegging (shegging?!) look by Fox was a respite from her signature raccoon eye look as she instead went for a classic and glamorous cat-eye. Her hair were done in a similar sleek and feminine style with a matching black headband that sort of looked like an ode to the 60s, perhaps.

Julia Fox’s look is actually a part of the many celebs committing to one of the spring’s many trends: the bra as a top. However, Fox’s creativity and commitment to this trend, as well as the low-rise trend, is unmatched. She went so far as to give herself a full DIY look. Fox has set the bar many times in the past as well when back in March, she proved her undying love for the Low-rise attire by cutting off the waistband of a pair of jeans to wear it as a top. If not her fashion sense, her commitment surely is commendable!

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