Kim Jong Un Rumors - Leader of North Korea's fate is up in the air

Kim Jong Un Rumors – Leader of North Korea’s fate is up in the air

You might have no idea what is going on with North Korea, and due to heavy censorship we aren’t ever sure. However, some of the leaks spell an uncertain future for the country.

After the leader of the North Korean state failed to show up for another National Conference, questions were raised. Earlier in the month, he had undergone extensive heart surgery. According to new reports from Hong Kong, they believe that the leader is either vegetative or dead.

According to the broadcast that leaked the information, the surgery was not successful due to a poor handling by the doctor. Ultimately, the news and leak need to be taken with a massive grain of salt. North Korea is not known for giving away news about their leaders and are very secretive in general.

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That being said, typically the only way the rest of the world learns about North Korean updates is spying and leaks. So this may actually be more on par for accuracy than a lot of people are giving it. Which in itself is a little more frightening.

What would this mean for the state of North Korea? Well, the truth is we have no idea. Either his sister would take the seat of leader or… Well we could see a massive reform.

What do you make of this leak? Do you think that there is any validity to it? Let us know what you think and follow Scoophash for more updates as they come out.