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when it comes to learning about the new fashion and understanding the latest trends, there have to be certain inspirations that set you apart from the others. And therefore, when you look up maternity fashion and the latest news about fashion in this genre, you are surely talking about Rihanna. She is somebody who, after announcing her pregnancy, has left the media in a jaw-dropping position and left everyone in awe.

The latest news in the fashion industry begins with the love life of ASAP Rocky and Rihanna, and ever since they are pregnant, they have been chopping the red carpet like no other.

According to some of the news that has been recently circling about the fashion and style that Rihanna adopted, it clearly stated that she doesn’t want to step boring and look dull. She is the girl of the city who wants to celebrate every moment of her pregnancy. In an interview, she told reporters that “I am sorry- it’s fun to be dressing up. I’m not letting the part to get disappeared just because my body is changing”.

How beautiful and trending the thought has become in recent times that people have stood on the red carpet waiting and wanting to know how Rihanna wants to celebrate the change in her life.

Despite the fact that most women like to go for the maternity gown and take down the aisle when they are full-term pregnant. But with Rihanna, the situation is different, and she is sure to take down the myths and fashion trends to a new level.

Coming strong and bold every time you witness her, she is more about celebration and acceptance. The singer is not only proclaiming the fact that she is going to be cautious about the changes her body is developing into. But she is proud to show off to the world that she is incredible about the miracles that are happening inside her.

Thus, in the latest news in the fashion industry, it is all about a strong and brave woman who wants to be part of the world and celebrate every bit of the moment that she is about to embrace.

From showing her bump for the first time to the photographers when she walked hand in hand with her loved one to the red carpet all rainbow sequined dress that stunned the photographers with her sense of style and with vigour, she carried the beautiful top to flaunt with her baby bump.

Rihanna promised us that she wasn’t coming any slow, and throughout her pregnancy, she kept on surprising the fans and the fashion trend setters.

However, with Rihanna’s new looks, bold moves and ability to carry off anything and everything in style. It’s all about how you carry yourself during your pregnancy, and with grace and dedication, you are able to change the fashion archive and how women use to be during their 9 months.

Even those who are not a fan of Rihanna have talked about fashion and style sense of mon-to-be, and how she has managed to pull out all the looks that she carried with utmost style and sense of love and passion.

Yes! She has become a style icon for all those women who are expecting but don’t want to hide beneath the puffs and covers of the layers of gowns. She is stated multiple times that she wants to go for defiance, something that black wall women could look up to, and she has evolved all the maternity style that refuses to show only white naked women around.

However, some believed that maternity and style couldn’t go hand in hand. They are part of two different worlds. Where the women were asked to be cautious of their looks and how they dressed up, refusing them any sense of style and justice to her body.

But with the adventure of looks and styling, not only did Rihanna challenge the beliefs of the society, but she also has brought about a new definition to maternity and her looks that are all about blowing the bump in the air and showing how it could style perfectly with laces, chains and necklaces around.

Rihanna has been able to show women the sense of ownership she takes up on her style and how much she wants to celebrate her pregnancy. Being dull disgusted, and feeling bad about your body is not going to change the game.

The latest change is acceptance, defiance and will to progress, rather than conform to the norm and feel bad about the person you have chosen to be. Sure your body is changing, but your sense of looking beautiful, bold and young shouldn’t transgress. The progress is right there at the corner. All you women need to be is to choose progress and do wonders.