Mail You Shouldn’t Throw Away

Mail You Shouldn’t Throw Away

Nobody likes to have Junk mail. You might have felt annoyed at times due to the volume of junk mail you receive.

Junk mail can be a pain especially when we have the option to go paperless. Even if you have a digital copy, you should not always toss the original.

Have a look at some of these things you’ll want to dispose of properly to prevent fraud.

1)Medical Records of your Pet
2)Your personal medical records
3)Pre-approved credit card solicitations
4)Utility bills and other household receipts.
5)Mail forms from your child’s school, like test scores.
6)Hotel booking information
7)Pay stubs and tax forms.
8)Mail with your signature on it.

Now, when fraud is growing rapidly, be smart and don’t let your important documents be available to thieves.

You never know which things can be misused, when and by whom.

What matters is, be careful of how you dispose of your mail and you can help prevent fraud before its too late!