NETFLIX IS SLOWING DOWN - Swapping to SD during the Quarantine

NETFLIX IS SLOWING DOWN – Swapping to SD during the Quarantine

What’s 480p? Is that a type of car?

Don’t freak out, if you think that Netflix is going to be unavailable or something, you’re just fine. Netflix will still be maintained, updated and accessible. Just don’t be upset that you can’t stream anything higher than 720p or 1080p for a few weeks.

Because Netflix is slowing down for at least a couple of weeks.

Views are up pretty high for Netflix, Hulu and Amazon streaming services right now. And that is without counting services like Disney+ or Crackle. Due to people being under mandatory two week long quarantines, there has not been a better time to binge watch shows you’ve been putting off.

However, as things continued to spiral and more and more people began hopping on to stream something, concerns came up. Namely, what the hell are we going to do if we all collectively crash various streaming services?

Luckily, the voices of the crowds were heard and streaming services will be helping out. Going forward, for at least two weeks, streaming services will be throttled down to lower resolutions to offset the traffic.

Unfortunately, if you invested in that nice crisp new 4K or even 8K TV for quarantine, then you’ll have to wait. Although you can use it to play some solid games or revisit some DVD’s in your collection!

Hang in there guys! For the next two weeks we’ll be right here with ya! Stay safe, stay calm, and when two weeks is over, we’ll see you outside!