People are using streaming services more than cable

People are using streaming services more than cable

613 million people globally as of 2018 have plans with online services like Netflix. Online video alternatives have reached a critical milestone.

This has happened for the first time the Global streaming number has eclipsed that of cable users. The figure was revealed in a yearly report by the Motion picture association of America.

The extent of individuals paying for Internet video has soared while the usage of customary pay TV has plunged as of late. In the U.S., Digital Platforms contribute 50 % of Media use, in General. Cable struggled but the MPAA states that movie theatres had a bounce back year. As per the reports, the global total of big screens jumped 7 %.

Consulting firm Deloitte states – In total, 43% of all U.S. consumers subscribe to both pay TV and Internet video. On average, those People who pay for the online video, subscribe to three streaming services,

The MPAA adds that the industry’s future is brighter thanks to younger people seeing movies more often.