Problems With The Apple Lightning connector

Problems With The Apple Lightning connector

The Lightning connector is a power cable created by Apple in 2012 to replace its’ predecessor with a 30-pin dock connector. It is used to connect Apple mobile devices like cameras, external monitors, and other peripherals. Now after seven years it only supports two types of devices that are iPhones and lower-end iPads.

1. It’s proprietary – so fewer devices can use it.
Apple Lightning has become a proprietary connector now as it can be connected to a few devices. In 2018 when Apple came with a new iPad Pro with a USB-C port replacing the lightning cable.

2. It’s more expensive.
Since it only fits a few devices, the lightning cable is a more expensive product than USB-C cable. After all, it is seven years old and not updated.

3. It’s slower.
It transfers data at USB 2.0 speeds which is basically slow when compared with USB-C.

4. It doesn’t support fast-charging.
Lightning cable is mostly used to charge iPhones yet it does not charge the phone fast when fast charging has become a need in today’s life.