Rihanna Releases New Music and Fans Are DISAPPOINTED

Rihanna Releases New Music and Fans Are DISAPPOINTED

It took three years for fans of Rihanna to hear some new music from the pop singer, but after the long wait, all they got were background vocals.

Rihanna released a new song, “Believe It”, with PARTYNEXTDOOR, but her loyal followers were let down when they found out Rihanna only sang the five-word chorus and background vocals.

Fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment:


The song is part of PARTYNEXTDOOR’s next album, PARTYMOBILE, when fans were hoping for music from Rihanna’s next album, which they have dubbed “R9”.

Though her fans may be letdown without any new music mainly featuring her, they can at least be happy that she is doing her part in helping the current coronavirus pandemic, donating $5 million to the Clara Lionel Foundation, with the money going to food banks and supporting medical staffers with necessary equipment.

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