SpaceX To Launch 152 People’s Remains Into Space

SpaceX To Launch 152 People’s Remains Into Space

Aerospace company, SpaceX is planning to launch its third Falcon Heavy rocket which will be the world’s most powerful operational launch system.

The rocket will propel 24 satellites into orbit around the earth along with the ashes of 152 dead people.

The company named Celestis Memorial Spaceflights have purchases a room available on spacecraft, installs a container and then packs the human ashes in a small metal capsule. It calls these the ‘participants.’

According to Celestis website, the company charges $5000 per gram for orbital flights and for deep space and lunar flights the rate begins from $12,500. to send ashes into space.

Celestic has gathered the cremains from the engineer, space enthusiasts, astronauts, scientists, authors, and even a Star Trek actor.