Sushi Restaurant: 5 Ideas To Complement Your Sushi

We are sure when you go to a Japanese Sushi Restaurant or often opt for a Sushi carryout and Sushi delivery, but don’t know very well what sides to order to eat with your sushi. This is entirely understandable because most of us only know soy sauce, but today you will learn what to accompany sushi with, in addition to the classic sauce. Are you excited for GreyWhale Happy hour sushi?

What Are Other Accompaniments For Sushi Delivery?

If you are recently experimenting with this dish and when going to a Japanese Sushi restaurant or placing Sushi delivery, have you wondered what to accompany the sushi with? Don’t worry! Not many know the variety of combinations that can be made.

So that you do not go through that again, we leave you our recommendations, so you always know what to accompany the sushi. After reading the accompaniments below, we are sure your next order will stand out. 


If you like spicy, you should try to accompany the sushi with a bit of wasabi. Although it has a slightly strange name, it is a tuber with a characteristic pungent flavor that only grows in certain conditions. Peel, grate, and prepare a green paste. Of course, a pinch is enough because its flavor is robust. It is ideal for cooling off a bit while you taste.

Pickled Ginger

Continuing with the spicy sensations, if you wonder what to accompany the sushi with and that also serves to cleanse the flavors that the food leaves in your mouth, pickled ginger is for you. Thus, you will have the opportunity to fully enjoy your sushi by tasting a little ginger between bites.

Also, the ginger you usually find as a side for sushi is a type of preparation called gari. It is a sweet pickled sliced ​​ginger. We love this striking touch that adds vivacity of piquancy to any sushi. 

Soybean Pods

Regardless of the type of sushi you have ordered in a Sushi restaurant or cherished in the Happy hour sushi. Soybeans are ideal among the foods to accompany sushi. These can be eaten before the main course of sushi in a preparation called edamame, where the whole pods are served boiled with water and salt. You can even ask or get a good drizzle of sesame oil. 

Soy Sauce

We all love the oriental combination of a soya sauce with sushi. Of course, you cannot miss this list of what to accompany sushi with, the quintessential companion, which is soy sauce. Although many of us know this complement, some variants of the sauce have different flavors that you should try at some point.

To eat sushi with soy sauce, it is not necessary to completely submerge the piece in the sauce what Japanese etiquette dictates is that only the upper part be moistened, that is, where the fish is.

Drinks To Accompany Sushi At A Sushi Restaurant

In addition to some foods to accompany sushi, certain drinks can be used to achieve the perfect pairing with this exquisite dish. Of course, sake stands out, a traditional rice wine with a characteristic mild flavor that can be drunk cold, at room temperature, or hot. Beating the options of oriental drinks at your favorite Sushi Restaurant, good green tea is an ideal drink to accompany either hot or cold sushi. But, if you want a more western option, some options to pair with sushi are a beer or a good wine that no diner can resist. Book your Happy hour sushi reservations now!