The Dodge that Went Viral: One Newsreporter’s Encounter with Bison has Become a New Meme

It feels good to find the things to laugh at right now.

On Wednesday, Deion Broxton, a reporter for KTVM-TV in Butte, Montana, was filming a segment at Yellowstone National Park. While filming, though, he noticed a herd of bison coming his way. As any smart person would do, Broxton decided to exercise and caution and quickly got out of the way.

You can check out the moment below on Broxton’s Twitter:

As of today, the video has been viewed more than 7.9 million times.

He also tweeted a video of the herd he had seen once he gotten to a safe distance:

Yellowstone seemed to appreciate his distancing from the wildlife after seeing the video, tweeting out their support of his actions:

As is the nature of the internet, the video quickly went viral and Broxton’s words have been used to come up with some great jokes.

Even former NFL star, Deion Sanders, chimed in on the fun:

Perhaps we all need to take a lesson from Broxton and apply his methods to our own social distancing right now.

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