The Gentlemen Review

The Gentlemen Review

A Not so Gentlemanly Group of Gentlemen

In 2020 you’ve no doubt made up your mind on whether or not Guy Ritchie is a good filmmaker or not. If you fall squarely in the camp of the ‘no he isn’t a good filmmaker’ opinion, than you’re gonna hate The Gentlemen.

For the rest of us, this was another fun film to make up for the duds of January releases.

The Gentlemen follows the exploits of Matthew McCounaghey as mob boss Mickey Pearson as he tries to sell his marijuana empire.

As he announces that he is out in the market for a buyer, we watch as his friends and enemies alike try all sorts of underhanded ways to get his empire. What follows is brilliant satire and a fun ride. 

Ritchie’s Writing Talents Are Still Splendid to Watch

Guy Ritchie is known for his whip smart banter between characters and his phenomenal framing and shooting of complex scenery in his cinematography. And I am happy to say ahead of the rest of this review, there is a double helping of both talents in this film.

The story is pretty predictable in what exactly will transpire over the film’s run time, but the absolutely stellar cast will keep you engaged and laughing all the way through no matter what.

While I want to sing the praises of McConaughey and Charlie Hunnam all day long, this entire cast is on fire in this film. Henry Golding, Michelle Dockery, Hugh Grant, Colin Farrel and Eddie Marsen are just a joy to watch. 

As briefly mentioned, the writing in this movie is just hysterical. It is definitely British dialogue based humor to the max with proficient usage of the C and F-word and quick jabs. 

This is Not Public Enemies, Shootouts Are Uncommon

And while there is not much in the way of action in this movie, it did not stop Ritchie from still having some very inventive camera movements and shots in this film.

He just has such a knack for making sure whatever you’re looking at has some subtext and interest to it. Even if you are not picking up on the humor, you are glued to the visuals.

For better or for worse, Ritchie is in full command of his craft in this film. With some fabulous banter, inspired casting choices, thrilling usage of camera and great pacing.

The Gentlemen is a film worth seeing, and one of the funniest British humor movies in the last year.