Netflix is the top streaming service that has more than 200 million subscribers on the internet today. It offers movies, TV shows, original life event documentaries, biographies, and more. The subscribers always find it fun to watch, as the shows and films that Netflix offers are distinct and unique.

In covid times when people were confined to their homes, only the best solution for their time killing and good entertainment was Netflix and chill movies. So during the quarantine, mostly the subscriptions were made to Netflix.

The best thing about Netflix is that it is easy to use once you sign in to Netflix; you get a great variety of series and movies there. The user-friendly interface has made Netflix one of the highest-rated and most popular streaming networks in the world now. Moreover, as you continue to watch more and more movies and TV shows, Netflix will give you more recommendations depending on your choice than what you have watched recently. There are many good Netflix and chill movies that you can watch. A wide variety gives you more options to select from.

But people often get distracted about choosing the right chill movie for themselves. And it depends on whom you ask for a recommendation; it may vary from individual to individual. However, the term Netflix chill movie mainly means spending some relaxing time with a partner or someone new. So keeping that in mind, we are here with some of the best Netflix and chill movies to catch streaming service that is trending:

  1. Always be my maybe:

The always be my maybe is a romance plus comedy combo. It is the story of two childhood friends that reunited even after the different directions of their lives have taken them. The story contains comedies, laughter, romance, poignant moments, and much more.

  • Irreplaceable you:

This is a heartbreaking true love story, and with tear-jerking moments, this movie is the reflection of true love. The story is of Abbie and Sam, who have loved each other since childhood. The tragic moment arises when Abbie suspect’s pregnancy has turned into stage four cancers. The diagnosis of cancer breaks the heart of both lovers. And to cope, Abbie starts to find a new love for Sam, which only creates distance between them in the little time they have left together.

  • Love birds:

The movie lovebirds are more lighthearted. As both the lovers, when they were edge of breaking up, they unwillingly fall into a murder case. The movie is full of antics as the couple clear themselves by investigating the crime, but unfortunately, everything doesn’t go as per the plan.

  • About time:

About time is not only a romantic movie but also mixes the fantasy of time travel. In this movie, the character Tim learned from his father that every man in their family could travel back in time. And by using this power, Tim writes the regret of his dating life in the past. But as his life continues, this traveling in time becomes trickier as traveling in the past could rewrite his future.

  • Alex truelove:

Alex truelove is a complete comedy movie that everyone will enjoy as this story is about an Alex who is in romance with his best friend. But as Alex discusses things to another level, he discovers he is in love with someone else. This questioned not only Alex’s relationship but also his sexuality. The discovery of Alex is full of laughter and comedy. It is a fresh romantic teen movie.

  • Falling In Love:

This is an entirely different story with a twist; it is the story of a small-town girl Gabriela who loses her job and boyfriend. And after losing them, both she wins a New Zealand Inn through a competition she played online.

But unfortunately, this Inn is in disrepair for Gabriela, and she takes the help of a local contractor. This story has loads of tension embedded in romance and a very creative self-discovery of Gabriela.

So here are the exciting and chill Netflix movies you can enjoy on your weekend with your partner. All the films mentioned above will make you laugh, excited, and smile and your night will go well.