Tinder soon to launch a lite version In Emerging Markets

Tinder soon to launch a lite version In Emerging Markets.

Tinder is soon going to introduce a liter version of the mobile app.

As reported by Digital Trends, the company is planning to launch a lite version in an emerging market.

The new Tinder lite app will be targeting emerging market such as those in Southeast Asia. During the investor call, CEO Mandy Ginsberg reported that use of the internet in such countries had grown by 15% over the past 5 years.

CEO Ginsberg said that the app is coming soon but the exact date of release has not yet been revealed. He concluded by saying that they are excited about the Tinder Lite app; it’s a big step forward addressing the need of consumers there.

According to him, Tinder lite will occupy less space in smartphones as compared to Tinder. Tinder lite will not include some features of the main app but it will mainly focus on its main feature of swipe and matches.

Once the app is released. we will get to know more of its features.