Top 10 Suggested Stocks Worth Investing In

Top 10 Suggested Stocks Worth Investing In

Buying and trading stocks is something of a hobby for a lot of people, and many people generate a good portion of their income through stocks.

We know that stocks aren’t exactly stable right now, but this could be the perfect time to buy into some while it is cheap to do so.

To help you out, we have the TOP 10 stocks you should buy into right now while the getting is good:


To say that Apple is a successful and popular company, and getting it on the action right now is a great idea. There is no denying that Apple has a devout and loyal fanbase, so they are sure to bounce back from whatever hit they are taking right now.


The company that Google is a part of is another juggernaut of financial success. With how valuable the Google platforms are right now during the pandemic, it would be a great idea to get in on it right now.


Whether you’re a Coke person or a Pepsi fan, the company’s recent acquisition of Rockstar Energy Drinks has poised them to really take it to the next level, especially by allowing them to help expand their Mountain Dew energy drank brand.


The makers of the Johnny Walker bourbon and more alcoholic beverages are seeing a good bump in sales right now as people need their drinks to help get through these times. While they’re not the cheapest option, the long-term benefits are definitely worth buying in now.


McCormick has acquired iconic sauces like French’s Mustard and Frank’s Red Hot, and with how popular both those are, it would be pretty profitable to get a share of the stocks. Hot sauce is never going to stop being a necessity for a lot of people, so business is sure to be consistent.


Do we really need to talk about the popularity of this company? It’s the juggernaut of coffee shops, and love it or hate it, it draws in the money. Stocks have been as low as $62 recently, so it’s not a bad time to buy in and see your money profit.


Netflix is a company is going to be profiting more than anyone right now with people staying at home and binging their favorite shows. Now, these aren’t as cheap as many other companies, but there is no doubt that they will go up, so buying now could be a great option.


Microsoft has always been a solid company with consistent success. Their implementation of cloud storage software is pretty much a staple in businesses. And with their upcoming Xbox Series X on the horizon, they are likely due for some money coming in.


This is one of the most consistent stocks you could ever find. Even with the virus outbreak prompting people to clean a lot more, Clorox will just find success no matter what. They have so many products that are so popular and well-known, they have the brand-recognition game down, and that means this is a stock worth buying.


This is just a safe choice. We can always count on Costco to navigate this crisis and come out on top. They have always treated their employees and customers right, giving them a great reputation. And while they have had to limit certain things right during the pandemic, they are going to get a good amount of people in and will get even more once the whole thing is over.

Well, there you have it. These are the stocks that we think you should get in on right now while you can. All of them are relatively cheap, and as we begin to get through our apex of the outbreak and hopefully get some normalcy back, the stocks are bound to go up, meaning more money for you.

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