World Changing Products that were created in Garages

World Changing Products that were created in Garages

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World Changing Products that were created in Garages

Tinkering in your garage is far from a waste of time – some of history’s most notorious inventions were created there, it’s hard to believe but yes it’s true!!!

Many life changing ideas were born in Garages. Let’s have a look at these generation-defining inventions created in Garages:

The Telephone: The Invention of Telephone was done in 1876, the inventor made the first call from the carriage house (old school name for garage) which was built to house horse-drawn carriages.
The car: The car, proved to be the best transportation mode was invented in 1896. It was born in a workshop in Henry Ford’s childhood home.
Radio Station: The Radio Station was invented in 1920. Frank Conrad created his own transmitter and aired broadcasts on a weekly basis.
The Pace Maker: Earl Bakken invented the Pace Maker in 1958 and made $8 (big money back then) in the first month of his company operation. He developed the first external, battery-operated, transistorized, wearable artificial pacemaker.
Free – Piston Engine: Its invention was done in 1964, it powers generators, pneumatic tools, air compressors and more.
Google: Google was founded in 1996, though it was born in a dorm room, the idea of Google was developed in the garage.
These inventions were indeed groundbreaking though it’s not only about garages, labs or offices; it’s about the free and creative mind which led to the invention of these World Changing Products.

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