10 BEST ANIMATED SHOWS TO MAKE YOU LAUGH - These selections will make you forget all about being upset

10 BEST ANIMATED SHOWS TO MAKE YOU LAUGH – These selections will make you forget all about being upset

Animation may seem like something that is specifically designed for the kids, but there are some great adult shows. Plenty of shows that are often unappreciated by the comedy crowd and have no shortages of amazing jokes and one-liners.

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Futurama (Hulu)

One of the most iconic animated series in TV history. Futurama tells the adventures of a bumbling group of delivery workers in the year 3000.

Full of amazing moments of laughter and heartbreaking emotional beats. Futurama is able to balance several different facets of storytelling that many shows both animated and live action fail to achieve.

By the time the finale rolls, you’ll be drying your eyes from laughter and ugly crying.

Rick & Morty (Hulu)

With some of the darkest and most mature comedic moments in animation history, Rick & Morty is truly unique.

Focusing on the adventures of Morty, a somewhat stupid teenager with a genius alcoholic scientist uncle. They go from one end of the universe to the other, into the future and everywhere in between.

No shortages of quotable lines, mind bending subplots and amazing easter eggs.

Bojack Horseman (Netflix)

Similar to Rick & Morty, Bojack’s signature style of macabre and depressing subject matter is a stark contrast to its humor.

No animated series will ever make you reevaluate your friends and rethink your life’s priorities. Full of existential crisis moments and truly in depth looks at the psychosis of fame and fortune.

Nothing is quite like Horseman.

Archer (Hulu)

James Bond meets Always Sunny in Philipdelphia? How is there any downside to that?

Truth be told, Archer as a series is kind of the epitome of peaks and valleys. There’s some episodes that are so good and so quotable that they are beyond Emmy worthy.

And then there are entire seasons (looking at you Archer Vice) that are just straight boring and lame.

Luckily, Archer’s batting average is pretty solid. If you want to be in on the know in some of pop culture’s biggest quotes, look no further!

Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law

Satire humor and wacky humor at their very finest.

Harvey Birdman is one of the single best animated comedy shows of all time and still stands up as one of the best. Featuring cameos from some of the best animated shows of the 60s – 90s, and stellar one-liners.

Binge this show as quickly as possibly, because it is just hysterical.

Big Mouth (Netflix)

Unabashedly foul and completely freaking hilarious. Big Mouth broke onto the scene as a Netflix original and quickly became one of the most watched shows on the platform!

Featuring some very accurate looks at teenagers with hormonal issues, this series is full of gross and amazing moments.

Honestly, this show makes me think of Fairly Odd Parents if it was rated TV-MA. It is just amazing!

The Simpsons (Disney+)

Word of caution, don’t watch this show unless you’re cool with stopping at like Season 16. Because the dip in quality is incredibly noticeable. 

However, Seasons 1 -16 are awesome examples of timely social commentary combined with childlike humor. There’s all sorts of likeable characters, memorable moments and great zingers!

Family Guy (Hulu)

Same as with The Simpsons, this show is either best watched in spurts or completely ignored after about Season 15.

Similarly as The Simposons though, some of the early episodes of this show is some of the greatest comedy in TV history. 

Known for the cutaway gags and spontaneous musical numbers, Family Guy has cemented itself as an icon. And with characters like Stewie, Bryan, Peter and numerous celebrity appearances, there’s a lot to love.

South Park (Hulu)

The king of satire and shock value humor, South Park has had some dips in the later seasons but is still incredible.

When the first episode of your series is named “Cartman Gets an Anal Probe”, you know that you’re in for a wild ride. Featuring some absolutely freaking hysterical moments, great musical numbers and no holds barred humor.

Unless you have thin skin, South Park is one of the greatest of its time.

F is For Family (Netflix)

Kind of a weird entry, F is For Family is more of an introspective comedy into middle class America than just straight comedy. It feels equal parts of Archer and Bojack Horseman while still being its own thing.

With the legendary Bill Burr leading the role of the central foul mouthed protagonist, what could go wrong? Well lots of things go wrong for Frank Murphy, and we get to watch in side splitting hilarity as well as jaw dropping darkness.


While there are several animated comedies that will tickle your funny bone, these are some of the definitive best of the best. Whether because of the cast’s chemistry, the impeccable writing or the insane creativity.

Pop some popcorn, launch your chosen streaming service and enjoy the laughs as you lose yourself to these stories!