10 BEST COMIC BOOKS TO READ OVER QUARANTINE - Lose yourself in a new world

10 BEST COMIC BOOKS TO READ OVER QUARANTINE – Lose yourself in a new world

So you’re stuck at home, work is on hiatus and you weren’t much of a book or gaming person after our respective lists. Well, luckily for you there is an alternative!

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Comic books are a great way to stimulate your inner artist, and get you thinking and just entertain you! Whether it’s Marvel, DC, Vertigo or any of the hundreds of other publishers, there’s something for everyone!

Batman: The Court of Owls

Arguably the best Batman story arc in decades. Court of the Owls sees Batman squaring up against a new enemy in the Court and their dreaded assassin, Talon. 

The art is incredible, the action scenes with Talon are a character best for Batman and the story is truly unique. Something that is dreadfully difficult to find in many superhero comics is originality, but Court takes it and runs with it.

Besides, there’s a strong potential that the upcoming Batman film from Matt Reeves is taking some inspiration from Owls.

Marvel’s The Infinity Gauntlet

Brief preamble, this is not like the movie at all. Yes it stars some of the same characters, however that is about the only similarity.

Thanos has much more deep and personal reasons for his galactic conquest. There is a lot more at stake with some of the more beloved characters. And some of the events that take place were simply too grandiose for a movie.

Nonetheless, while it may not make you appreciate the MCU anymore than most of us do, it excels in storytelling. The galactic conquest of Thanos is a read of the ages!

The Boys

You might be familiar with this comic strictly based off of the crazy popular Amazon streaming series that gained critical acclaim. Well ,arguably the series does explore some concepts better, but the comic is still excellent. 

Set in a future where superheroes are conceited celebrities and global politics are determined by threats. The world of The Boys is equal parts terrifyingly similar to our own in social concepts and completely alien.

Both a great social story and a cautionary tale of power.

Swamp Thing (2nd Series)

Mark Millar and Alan Moore’s runs are the ones to look for folks. Swamp Thing is a great exploration of social issues, morality and power in a pseudo horror thriller style format.

Swamp Thing is one of the most underappreciated but awesome DC characters. Even though the show was woefully cancelled after just one season, there is a badass show on DC Universe.

Definitely find a series from Moore or Millar and lose yourself in this wonderfully macabre world.

Marvel’s Civil War

One of the most defining Comic book stories ever written, Civil War is a lot different than its movie counterpart. Pitting the forces of Iron Man VS Captain America, there is no shortage of shocking turns and depressing twists.

Featuring stellar art direction, incredible pacing, breakneck momentum and game changing moments. Civil War is something to appreciate and re-read just to make sure you did not miss anything.

Batman: The Killing Joke

Full of memorable monologues, dark moments and some of the most iconic art in the medium. Killing Joke has inspired endless amounts of comics, movies and TV shows with its bleak tone and story.

Joker takes center stage in a rare behind the scenes look at what might be his origin story, although he’s an unreliable narrator. As Joker hatches one of his darkest schemes against Jim and Barbara Gordon.

Some of Comics most shocking moments, and a turning tide for just how much mature content can be shown in mainstream comics.

Sandman (Neil Gaiman)

Some of the creepiest and most beautiful art in storytelling that you will never forget.

Neil Gaiman is already a master storyteller, and combined with the art from legends like Sam Keith, this is a wild ride.

Focusing on the stories of Dream of the Endless, Sandman is a story of change and acceptance. The lord who rules over all dreams must learn to accept its fate in the face of complete change. 

Haunting, gorgeous, thought provoking, terrifying and sweet. Sandman has it all, and it is very hard to put down.

Daredevil (Frank Miller runs)

Between Miller’s take on the comics and NEtflix’s take on the TV series, Daredevil has had it really good. Proving that he can be a wonderful tool for heartbreaking stories and introspective analogies. 

Matt Murdock, the Man Without Fear, is one of comi’s most iconic characters. His constant internal battle with his own morality and religious ties is always a source for fantastic storytelling. 

The art direction and action scenes are works of pure art, with illustrations not seen since Millers original series. There is just so much to enjoy about his take on Daredevil, and it will stand the test of time.

The New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

You’ve inevitably seen versions of this story in animated mediums like Young Justice or the Teen Titans show. The story is iconic for several reasons, not the least of which is the huge twist about the main character.

Without spoiling anything, The Judas Contract is some of DC’s storytelling at its very finest. Featuring tons of pivotal character moments, and no shortage of amazing fight scenes.

The fight scene between Robin and Deathstroke is reason enough to recommend this issue.

The Dark Knight Returns

Inspiring everything from Daredevil reruns to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight film trilogy. This series about an older and retired Batman who has lost a lot of his violent qualms is absolutely stellar. 

Focused on the story about older heroes finding themselves replaced in a world that no longer needs them. It is heartbreaking and incredibly cool to witness firsthand.

Also, it has one of the best animated superhero films next to it and features some of the most badass lines in comics.


There ya have it folks! Our picks for the best comics to read while you’re stuck indoors. There’s no shortage of amazing stories outside of these 10, so be sure to explore and try new authors! Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of these selections and what your favorite comic is!